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Yıldız Tilbe Biography

Yıldız Tilbe is a Turkish singer and songwriter. She was born on July 16, 1966 in İzmir, Turkey. Tilbe is of Kurdish origin. She dropped out of high school after just the second grade, and started pursuing music as a career as a teenager. She also got married at age 18.

She started performing in night clubs at age 24. At one of her early Yıldız Tilbe concert shows, fellow Turkish musician Sezen Aksu discovered her and offered her a job to do some vocals on her songs. Tilbe accepted the offer and thus relocated to Istanbul. There, she was booked to perform a Yıldız Tilbe concert on a popular late night talk show as a musical guest. This brought her great exposure.

Tilibe was now focusing on her career as a solo artist and started writing her original pop songs. Her first album, “Delikanlım” (meaning “My Boy” in English), came out in June 1994 through the Turkish label Tempa Foneks. It ended up being a great success for her, selling more copies than any other Turkish album in the decade, over 3 million.

She went on to have a long and prolific career in the music industry. Tilibe has produced a total of 20 (!) full studio albums over the course of 25 years. Alas, none of them reached the level of sales her debut album did, but she still had a magnificent career. Two of her albums, 2002’s “Haberi Olsun” (“Let Him Know”) and 2003’s “Yürü Anca Gidersin” (“Go, You’ll Barely Reach It) came close with 2.5 million in sales each. Meanwhile, the latest new Yıldız Tilbe album came out in March 2018, with the title “Kış Gülleri” (“Winter Roses”).

Tilibe's biggest hits to date are “Delikanlım” (“My Boy”, 1994, also the title of her album), “Vazgeçtim” (“I Give Up”, 1995), "Yürü Anca Gidersin" (“Just Walk”, 2003, also the title of her album). She was also featured on the 2017 hit single by Serdar Ortaç “Havalı Yarim” (“Cool Half”).

In July 2014, she received international condemnation for praising German dictator Adolf Hitler in a tweet in the wake of recent Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip. She later walked back on her comments and apologized.


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