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  1. I Want to Break Free - Live Rytmehans 2012
  2. Don't Stop Me Now - Live in Skanderborg ’23
  3. Bohemian Rhapsody - Live Rytmehans 2012
Queen Machine Photo

Queen Machine

  1. Everything Is Alright
  2. Dead End Ride
  3. Give It All You Got
Mike Tramp Photo

Mike Tramp

  1. So Very Hard to Go
  2. What Is Hip?
  3. You're Still a Young Man
Tower of Power Photo

Tower of Power

  1. With or Without You - Live
  2. One - Live
  3. Pride (In the Name of Love, Live)
Die Herren Photo

Die Herren

  1. Amager Forbrænding
  2. Levende Billeder
  3. Frit land (revisited)
Carl Emil Petersen Photo

Carl Emil Petersen

  1. Raise Your Horns
  2. Sons of the North
  3. Dark Clouds Gather
Vanir Photo


  1. Disney Sjov
  2. To Liv - From the Film "Tarzan"
  3. Rigtige Mænd - Live i Odense (Fra "Mulan")
Luftens Helte Photo

Luftens Helte

  1. Let Love
  2. Break My Heart In Two
  3. You Let A Good Thing Go
Sahra da Silva Photo

Sahra da Silva

  1. Poor Blue Betty
  2. Mother, Father
  3. Goodbye My Love
Nana Rashid Photo

Nana Rashid

  1. Max og Mule - Introsang - Fra "Max og Mule"
  2. Med Hjertet Udenpå
  3. Uden En Forklaring
Ivan Pedersen Photo

Ivan Pedersen

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