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Song title
  1. Poets And Madmen cover Commissar
  2. Poets And Madmen cover Surrender
  3. Dead Winter Dead cover Sarajevo
  4. Dead Winter Dead cover This Is the Time (1990)
  5. The Wake Of Magellan cover The Wake of Magellan
  6. Return To Wacken (celebrating The Return On The Stage Of One Of The World's Greatest Progressive Metal Bands) cover Dead Winter Dead
  7. Edge Of Thorns cover Edge of Thorns
  8. Hall Of The Mountain King cover 24 Hrs. Ago
  9. Hall Of The Mountain King cover Beyond the Doors of the Dark
  10. Gutter Ballet cover Gutter Ballet
  11. Return To Wacken (celebrating The Return On The Stage Of One Of The World's Greatest Progressive Metal Bands) cover Chance
  12. Edge Of Thorns cover All That I Bleed
  13. Poets And Madmen cover Morphine Child
  14. Streets - A Rock Opera cover Tonight He Grins Again
  15. Streets - A Rock Opera cover Believe
  16. Encore #1

  17. Gutter Ballet cover Temptation Revelation
  18. Hall Of The Mountain King cover Hall of the Mountain King

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