Trendy Artists of the Week: Post Malone, Slipknot, 5 Seconds of Summer, Bad Bunny, Sefo

Another week has just passed again, and the music industty did not stop cranking out news. We've picked a few items that have to do with the most popular artists on our site recently.

Post Malone Drops New Music Video “Chemical”

Last time we wrote about “Posty” Malone in this column, it was about him falling into a hole on stage while performing one of his hot live shows in St. Louis, Missouri. Thankfully, this time is about something a lot more positive, and a lot less painful, that gives us the topic of discussion about him.

He just released the music video for his fresh new song “Chemical”. This is not a hip hop track, rather a fast-paced, peppy pop rock cut (with some subversive lyrics, true to his style), linked below for your listening pleasure.

Vera Farmiga Performs Epic Cover of Slipknot Song “Duality”

Metal has never been on the forefront of mainstream music. However, actress Vera Farmiga of “The Conjuring” and “Godzilla” fame did something to help its case. She did an impressive cover of the 2004 song "Duality" by the Iowa-based heavy metal band Slipknot, which she performed at an event put on by The Rock Academy in Woodstock, New York.

5 Seconds of Summer logo

5 Seconds of Summer Announces World Tour Dates

The Australian pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer announced that after 2022, they are hitting the road again in 2023 as well. The tour is simply titled “The 5 Seconds of Summer Show”, and kicks off in July (at an unspecified date) in Argentina (at an unspecified location).

Bad Bunny Seemingly Bashes Harry Styles at Headline Coachella Appearance

Bad Bunny management had some explaining to do to teenage girls all around the world. During his headlining set at Coachella, he displayed an old tweet of his on a screen behind him, which read “goodnight benito [Bad Bunny’s real name] could do as it was but harry could never do el apagon”, seemingly insulting the versatility of Harry Styles as a musician.

However, one of his representatives told Rolling Stones Magazine that artist did not approve that visual element for his show, which was later confirmed by the company producing the visuals.


Sefo Gets Super Expensive Dental Job Done

Back in the bling era, having some gold teeth seen on a rapper’s face was nothing unusual. Who would have thought that flexing with your dental work would become a thing again in the hip hop world? This is what a rapper out of Turkey, Sefo, did (inadvertently): the Turkish tabloid picked up the story about how much he paid his dentist for his beautiful smile. The amount was TRY600,000 (a little over $30,000) to get the procedure done, which, by the way, also included a “tooth diamond”.

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