Trendy Artists of the Week: Blackpink, Placebo, Lovejoy, Duman, Marco Mengoli

It's another week, another time to look at some industry news involving the trending artists on our website. We hope to catch you up to speed.

New BLACKPINK Song Ties Their Record for Longest on Billboard Chart

The K-pop girl group BLACKPINK has been on a roll lately.

Their new hit single, “Pink Venom”, has ended its eighth week on Billboard’s Pop Radio Airplay chart, a list that keeps track of what songs are most commonly played on US radio stations. This is tying their previous record - their 2020 track “Ice Cream” featuring Selena Gomez also spent 8 weeks on this chart. What’s more, in the meantime, the music video of their other new song, “Shut Down”, has just become their 12th one to hit 200 million views on YouTube. Both of these tracks are off of their new record “Born Pink”.

Placebo Back on Tour to Promote New Album After Nearly a Decade

The British rock band Placebo has been around the block for a long time. Since 1994, to be exact. However, you may not have heard a lot about them lately. That is because they haven’t put out a new album since September 2013.

That all changed this March, with the release of “Never Let Me Go”, an alt rock record that they’ve been working on since 2019. So far, it’s been selling fine, reaching the #3 spot on the British OCC chart. To celebrate the return, Placebo is currently on an international concert tour, with upcoming events in places like Vienna, Austria; Antwerp, Belgium; and Paris, France. The fans are sure to give a warm welcome to lead singer Brian Molko and bassist-guitarist Stefan Olsdal everywhere around Europe.

Rising British Band Lovejoy on Tour

Let’s take a look at another British rock band. These guys, however, are from industry veterans like Placebo, having only formed their band in 2020, and having put out their first EP in 2021.

But Lovejoy is gaining steam. Their second EP, “Pebble Brain” from a year ago, peaked at the #12 spot on the UK charts. This fall, Wilbur Soot and the rest of the crew are touring Britain, with two stops in Brighton and two in London, then they’re hopping over to the US in the winter, to Los Angeles and New York.

Duman Performs at Turkish National Holiday Celebration in Ankara

Meanwhile, Turkey is getting ready to celebrate their national holiday, Republic Day, on October 29th. This is the 99th anniversary of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk declaring the country to be a republic. The celebrations have already commenced days before, with the rock band Duman performing a live concert show at the Atatürk Forest Farm last night, in front of tens of thousands of people. We’d like to wish all our Turkish readers a happy Republic Day.

Marco Mengoni Rocks Rome with Live Show

Over in Italy, pop singer Marco Mengoni too had a great live performance. He went on stage at the Palazzo dello Sport concert hall last Friday in the capital city of Rome. He performed some of his biggest hits, such as “Guerriero” (2015) and “L’Essenziale” (2013) to an enthusiastic crowd of people.


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