Trendy Artists of the Week: Travis Scott, Rammstein, Noize MC, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Twenty One Pilots

In this week's edition of our Trendy Artists column, we've got Travis Scott headlining in the largest musical arena in the UK, Rammstein being hit with a plagiarism lawsuit in France, and more. We hope you enjoy our weekly write-up.
Travis Scott

Travis Scott Set to Headline Co-Op Festival

American rap superstar Travis Scott has been announced as one of the headlining acts at the Co-Op Live Festival in Manchester, United Kingdom. The “SICKO MODE” star is slated to perform there on July 13h, as part of his worldwide "Travis Scott's Utopia - Circus Maximus Tour".

Co-op Live is also the name of the venue, which is set to become the largest musical venue in the UK after its capacity is expanded to 23,500. The re-opening with the extra seats added was already supposed to take place in April. However, technical issues delayed it - we can only hope that everything will be fixed by the time Travis Scott comes to perform.

Rammstein Hit With Plagiarism Lawsuit for Their 2019 Song “Deutschland”

Plagiarism suits are not uncommon in the music industry, but they rarely lead to settlements, let alone a judgment favoring the plaintiffs. Musicology experts usually explain to the court or a jury (if it even gets to that point) that there is actually a very limited number of patterns in notes and chord progressions available, given that people tend to want to listen to music fitting classic European tonality.

With that in mind, it was the German rock band Rammstein’s turn to get sued. French artist Marc Botté aka NinjA Cyborg is alleging copyright infringement for the supposed similarities between his 2018 song “The Sunny Road” and Rammstein’s 2019 “Deutschland”. Even if the two songs do sound similar, that is hardly enough to convince a judge. Botté’s only hope is that he is suing the German band in Paris, France, and the French courts may be less familiar with such issues than in the US or UK, where they are more common.

Russian Singer Noize MC Releases Song in Memory of Alexey Navalny

Russian rapper/singer and expat Noize MC currently living in Lithuania teamed up with a number of other major artists from his home country to commemorate the death of Alexei Navalny, a politician running against long-serving President Vladimir Putin of Russia who died as a political prisoner 40 days ago. The animation is in the style of the popular Adult Swim cartoon sitcom "Rick and Morty".

Jared Leto Opens Up About “Emotional Time Travel” During Thirty Seconds to Mars Tour

Jared Leto is best known by a public as an Oscar winning actor, playing in such movies as “Dallas Buyers Club” (2013) and “Suicide Squad” (2016). People sometimes seem to forget that he has been the lead singer for the popular alt rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars for over 25 years.

But he is on tour with the boys again. While in Kraków, Poland for a gig, he talked to the American morning show Good Morning America. “A funny thing happens sometimes when you kind of walk down a different path and you come back to your roots. We're playing a lot of old songs on the tour and it's almost like they're brand new songs,” he told the hosts. He then added “I love nostalgia. Music is a chance to almost time travel in a way. It's like emotional time travel”.

Twenty One Pilots Play Brand New Single at Intimate London Show

Ahead of their new album release, the American alt hip hop band twenty one pilots stopped by Camden’s Electric Ballroom in London, UK last week to perform to around 1,500 people in attendance, a modest audience size for a musical act of their stature. While there, they gave a little sneak preview of one of the yet-to-be-released tracks off of their new album, titled “The Craving (Jenna’s Version)”.

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