Top10 Worldwide Music Selection from Concerty - October 2022

Let's take a fresh look at what songs have been popular in what parts of the world - it's time for our monthly rundown of international chart toppers again.

Taylor Swift - Anti-Hero (CANADA)

Taylor Swift has knocked it out of the park with her new record. In fact, she has just become the first ever artist to occupy all 10 spots in Billboard’s Hot 100’s top 10 since the famous singles chart started in 1958. “T-Swizzle’s” new album, “Midnights”, is an indisputable smash hit.

It dominated the chart in all English speaking countries, not just the US, and this holds true for Canada as well. Up North, the track “Anti-Hero” was the winner on the country's Spotify list, a synth pop song with a methodical drum loop about the American pop diva Swift brooding over his past and current relationships, a popular topic in her catalog of songs.

Feid - Feliz Cumpleaños Ferxxo (COLOMBIA)

Down in South America, Colombian singer-songwriter Feid put out another banger, the Latin Urbano track titled “Feliz Cumpleaños Ferxxo”, which simply translates to “Happy Birthday Frexxo” in English. In turn, “Ferxxo” is just an alternate stage name of Feid, so in essence, he is wishing a happy birthday to himself - it’s like if Eminem wrote a track called “Happy Birthday, Slim Shady”...

Either way, Feid is gaining popularity all around the world. Just last month, he announced a set of tour dates in the US, and the tickets were sold out in a matter of minutes!


French rapper Gazo recently put out his studio album debut. “KMT” came out in July 2022, and immediately shot to the top of the SNICOP chart in France. What’s more, it also topped the charts in the Walloon parts of Belgium, and peaked at #2 in Switzerland. Ominously enough, this track off of his maiden album is simply titled “DIE”. The lyrics are actually about a boyfriend talking about his drug dealing business to his nervous girlfriend.

ByeAlex és a Slepp - voltmárkicsi feat. T. Danny (HUNGARY)

While frontman ByeAlex is serving as a judge on the umpteenth season of the Hungarian version of The X Factor, he is also putting out new music with his pop band, ByeAlex és a Slepp. Their last album came out in 2020, but they have released a handful of new singles since then. This one, “voltmárkicsi”, came out back in June, but is still charting relatively high on Hungary’s Spotify list. It also features the young, up-and-coming singer-rapper T. Danny.

Peter Fox - Zukunft Pink feat. Inéz (AUSTRIA)

Right “next door” to Hungary, in Austria, German reggae singer Peter Fox was among the most popular music acts last month, with his hot new single “Zukunft Pink” featuring Estonian musician and new media artist Inéz. It’s quite a comeback for the German musician, as this is his first new release as a solo artist since July 2019. In this new track, he even drops the name of billionaire and new Twitter owner Elon Musk.


María Becerra from Argentina has successfully parlayed her career as a YouTuber into a career as a singer. She started off as a comedic Facebook content creator, then transitioned into a YouTube vlogger, and, as of now, she is a hot musical act in her home country in South America - she’s done all that and she’s just turned 22!

Her latest hit song, “AUTOMÁTICO”, is a reggaeton track which features an instrumental that has multiple heavy shifts in tempo and style for brief periods of time in the song. You can take a listen below, and decide for yourself if you fancy it or not.

Keung To - Dear My Friend, (HONG KONG)

Keung To is a fresh face in the music scene. The 23-year-old Hong Kongese pop singer emerged in 2018 on the Chinese reality-talent show “Good Night Show - King Maker”. He then joined the boyband Mirror, but only has been putting out solo singles since 2019. He is yet to release his debut solo album. To please his international fans, he gave this song of his an English title (even though it’s oddly worded), “Dear My Friend,”. However, the lyrics are in Cantonese.

Pritam - Kesariya feat. Arijit Singh and Amitabh Bhattacharya (INDIA)

Indian composer Pritam Chakraborty is coming from the Bollywood movie industry, writing scores for films. He’s had quite some success as a solo musical artist as well, including his new release “Kesariya” from August 2022, which charted near top in India even in October. It also features fellow Indian singers Arijit Singh and Amitabh Bhattacharya.

Kizz Daniel - Cough feat. Empire (NIGERIA)

If you ever wanted to hear a song that starts with a little bit of coughing over no instrumental, well, Nigerian Afropop/R&B singer Kizz Daniel got just the thing for you. His fresh new release is appropriately titled “Cough”, and it is actually a sweet little love song that charted high in his African home country of Nigeria throughout October.

Sam Smith - Unholy feat. Kim Petras (NEW ZEALAND)

As we wrote in the beginning, songs from Taylor Swift’s new album “Midnight” dominated the charts across the English speaking countries in the world last month. The one track that still managed to get near the top of the local Spotify charts in these countries was “Unholy” by Sam Smith. This was the case in New Zealand, for example.

The track had actually leaked to TikTok before its official release, but it only helped the creators: their song went viral even before it came out! This is a sexy, hectic dance-pop track about an adulterous husband, which is quite a diversion from the style of the British artist’s previous work. It also features German singer Kim Petras.

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