Top10 Worldwide Music Selection From Concerty - November 2022

As this year's fall is coming to an end, let us bring to you a nice list of what's been popular on Spotify in different countries in the month of November.

Meghan Trainor - Made You Look (IRELAND)

While bombastuous American pop singer Trainor’s star isn’t shining as bright as when she released “All About that Bass” in 2014, she’s still a popular figure in the music scene. She recently released her 5th studio album, “Takin' It Back”, in October of this year. One of the tracks off of the record, “Made You Look”, charted high all November in multiple English speaking countries, including Ireland.

It’s a short little tune with a simplistic melody and powerful vocals from Trainor. The lyrics of the song encourage women everywhere to be confident in how they look, no matter what they wear. In line with that message, the music video features models of all shapes and sizes. There are plenty of people who support this body positivity movement, however, others criticize it for promoting unhealthy choices and vanity. Take a look at the song linked below and decide for yourself which side you’re on!

Official HIGE DANdism - Subtitle (JAPAN)

Up next on our list is a single that Billboard Magazine called the potential “Top J-Pop Winter Ballad of the 2020’s”. High praise from one of the industry leading music magazines. They’ve also got the numbers to back that up: “Subtitle” spent 3 straight weeks on top of their Japan Hot 100 chart!

Official HIGE DANdism is a popular J-pop/pop rock band that has been around since 2012, with an unchanged line-up, on top of that. While they formed a decade ago, they only hit it big in the late 2010’s. However, they’ve been going strong ever since.

Pinguini Tattici Nucleari - Ricordi (ITALY)

Out of Italy, we have a track for you from the indie pop rock band “Pinguini Tattici Nucleari”. Don’t let the band’s goofy name fool you (it translates to “Nuclear Tactical Penguins” in English), the song is actually a sentimental piece about an old couple dealing with Alzheimer's disease.

Gilli - Verden Vågner feat. Saveus (DENMARK)

From the Southern part of Europe, let’s travel to the winter up in the North in Denmark. Up there, rapper Gilli put out a hit new track titled “Verden Vågner”. It also features pop singer and music producer Martin Hoberg Hedegaard, also known by his stage name Saveus.

Gilli, whose real name is Kian Rosenberg Larsson, came up in the Danish hip hop group “B.O.C.”, but rose to mainstream prominence after appearing in the 2014 movie “Ækte vare”.

Eladio Carrion - Mbappe (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC)

The 2022 World Cup is currently going full throttle in Qatar - in winter time, for the first time in its history. With regard to the great sporting event, American Latin hip hop artist Eladio Carrion decided to dedicate a whole track to the French striker Kylian Mbappe.

Given soccer is not exactly the most popular sport in the US (although a deep run from Team USA may change that, at least for a while), it failed to rank high on the Spotify list in Carrion’s home country. However, there are plenty of other countries in the world where soccer is a big deal, like the Dominican Republic, where many people enjoy this track. By the way, it seems to be bringing good luck to Mbappe in the World Cup so far, who scored 3 goals in the 3 group games for France, and now his team are through to face Poland in the Round of 16.

Jung Kook - Dreamers (SAUDI ARABIA)

Sticking with the World Cup theme, this next entry is one of the event’s official theme songs. It is performed by Korean pop singer Jung Kook of BTS fame, and it’s bound to be played plenty of times everywhere in the world while the tournament is going on. That includes Saudi Arabia, the only country that shares a border on land with the World Cup host nation, Qatar.

Luciano - Bamba feat. Aitch & BIA (GERMANY)

Back in Europe, in Germany, rapper Luciano has just put out his latest LP. The album “Majestic” dropped this September, and one of the titles on its tracklist, “Bamba”, was a winner for the month of November on Spotify in Germany.

It also features British rapper Aitch and American rapper Bia. If you read those two names together in reverse order (the way it’s typed in the YouTube video’s title), you can make a slang English term, often used in the hip hop culture to describe unpleasant women (and sometimes men as well). We honestly can’t tell if it was intentional or not - your guess is as good as ours… If he got two artists from two different continents together to play a dirty pun, kudos to him.

Yuridia - Qué Agonía feat. Ángela Aguilar

On a more serious note, we have a romantic ballad from Mexican pop singer Yuridia. The title itself gives it away that this is not a happy song: “Qué Agonia” translates to “What Agony” in English. And indeed, the lyrics are about the heartbreak after a recent break-up. 19-year-old Mexican-American singer Ángela Aguilar also provides her vocal styling for the track.

Mono - Waiting for You (VIETNAM)

Meanwhile in Asia, in Vietnam to be precise, a local up-and-coming artist, Mono (who is the younger brother of V-pop star Sơn Tùng M-TP), managed to hit big. It is always nice to hear a story like that. His new song, “Waiting for You” is a soft electro-pop track that prominently samples the synth lead of the classic 1985 song by the Norwegian band A-ha “Take on Me”.

Dawid Podsiadło - mori (POLAND)

Let’s end our list in Poland. In the large Eastern European country, pop rock singer Dawid Podsiadło’s new track “mori” charted high all month. It is from his recently released album, “Lata dwudzieste”. You can take a listen below.

Please make sure to listen to our Spotify playlist that we created for your listening pleasure.

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