Top10 Worldwide Music Collection From Concerty - May 2023

Well, another month has passed, it's time to take another look at what songs and artists have been popular in what parts of the world recently. We hope you'll enjoy our selection.

OneRepublic - I Ain't Worried (AUSTRALIA)

Not a lot of fresh stuff was trending on Australian Spotify last month. This one is from exactly a year ago, May 2022, by the American pop-rock band OneRepublic. It was also featured on the soundtrack of the action movie “Top Gun: Maverick”. It seems that the Aussies down under have a real affection for the Tom Cruise flick, as the peppy, poppy tune is still popular with them to this day.

Ski Aggu - Friesenjung feat. Joost, Otto Waalkes (GERMANY)

German music fans, on the other hand, have something a lot more recent to offer us. It is from Berlin-based hip hop artist Ski Aggu, who himself only got started in the industry a couple of years ago, initially making a name for himself on Soundcloud. “Friesenjung” just dropped a couple of days ago, it could not be fresher out of the oven. It also branches out to outside the music industry (and Germany) with its features, with Dutch YouTuber and musician Joost and German comedian Otto Waalkes also in the music video. Also present, at least “in spirit”, is Sting, as the chorus is a remix of his 1987 classic “Englishman In New York”.

Lil Durk - All My Life feat. J.Cole (UNITED STATES)

American rapper Lil Durk’s new album “Almost Healed” also came out last month. The track “All My Life” is off of his new record, and it’s all about overcoming the struggles of life. In accordance, this is not really a fast club banger from the trap artist, rather, a somber, melodic cut that also features a choir of children singing the chorus, along with Lil Durk. It’s linked below for your listening pleasure, enjoy.

Sơn Tùng M-TP - MAKING MY WAY (Vietnam)

28-year-old Vietnamese singer-songwriter and actor Sơn Tùng M-TP has a habit of putting out English-language songs, on top of ones in his native Vietnamese tongue, in order to appeal to a broader audience. It seems to be working as his YouTube channel, which, by the way, also has a cartoon series, can boast over 10 million subscribers. This new track from last month, “MAKING MY WAY”, is also in English, so more of you can enjoy the lyrics, along with the music.

Morad - Ojos Sin Ver feat. ElGrandeToto (MOROCCO)

From the North African nation of Morocco's Spotify list, we have another hip hop track for you, from the Spanish rapper Morad. Local hero ElGrandeToto is the guest artist on the cut, so it’s no wonder it was so popular among Moroccan listeners. This is not ElGrandeToto’s first appearance in this monthly column, by the way: he also made the list in our August 2022 Concerty worldwide selection, with his song “Guele tapée” back then. However, in this article, you can listen to his collaboration with Morad, “Ojos Sin Ver”.

Gleb - Šedá Hus (SLOVAKIA)

Here’s another “recurring character” for you, Gleb out of Slovakia (originally from Russia) - or, as he likes to call himself these days, "big boy gleb". Concerty readers could get first acquainted with his tongue-in-cheek rap stylings with the occasional fractions of lines in English back in January this year, with "workin workin". Now he's back, back again, with another hit with the Slovakian listeners, "Šedá Hus".

Loreen - Tattoo (BELGIUM)

Swedish pop singer Loreen just won the Eurovision international song contest for a second time. After claiming the title in 2012 with her song “Euphoria”, she finished first again over a decade later this year, entering with the song “Tattoo” this time. It’s no wonder her song became a popular listen throughout the continent, including Belgium. She is only the second performer (after Johnny Logan) and the first female artist to have won the Eurovision competition twice.

Big One - Un Finde feat. FMK, Ke Personajes (ARGENTINA)

Meanwhile in South America, EDM producer Big One from Argentina just put out a collaborative EP, with the title “Un Finde”. The other two artists behind the project are fellow Argentinians rapper FMK, as well as Kersonajes, “repping” the local musical genre cuarteto. You can listen to the entire record below.

Keung To - Dummy (HONG KONG)

Next on our list is a young man with an even younger face, Keung To from the Hong Kong Cantopop boy group Mirror. This is a solo project of his, a pop single titled “Dummy”.

Kizaru - Зеркало (BELARUS)

Since the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, Spotify stopped serving Russian users. However, the music of Russian artists are still available on the streaming site, and is popular among the neighboring countries, including Belarus, where Kizaru’s recent release “Зеркало” was charting high all last month. Kizaru is a hip hop artist out of Saint Petersburg, Russia, who currently resides in Barcelona, Spain. “Fun fact” about his life: he was on Interpol’s Most Wanted list for a while for drug trafficking allegations, but his name got removed and he got away without any charges eventually.


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