Top 10 Worldwide Music Selection From Concerty - March 2023

Another month has passed again, we're well into springtime now, so let's take a quick look around the globe, what songs were hits in what countries.

Karol G - TQG feat. Shakira (COLOMBIA)

Colombian reggaeton singer Karol G has been a big feature on the Latin American music scene for many years now (from around 2017). However, recently, it seems she is going beyond the already large confines of Central and South America, and is on her way to becoming a global star. The US magazine GQ even welcomed her recent rise with a sympathetic profile piece that bore the headline “Karol G Is Blowing Up Reggaeton's Boys' Club”. That is true, all of reggaeton’s international stars have been men so far, such as Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny, or J Balvin.

Karol G’s latest single, featuring fellow Colombian Shakira, has also proven to be a big step towards global stardom. It topped Spotifiy’s global songs chart for March, and evidently was a big hit in her home country as well.

Eladio Carrion - Coco Chanel feat. Bad Bunny (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC)

Speaking of Bad Bunny, he is also not going anywhere soon. He just had another hit, this one as a guest feature on American rapper Eladio Carrion’s single “Coco Chanel”, a Spanish-language song named after the famous 20th-century French fashion designer. It has been popular all around Latin America, including the Dominican Republic.

Carrion himself made some news in the past few days, for talking about how Lil Wayne influenced his music early on.

Calvin Harris - Miracle feat. Ellie Goulding (UNITED KINGDOM)

Meanwhile in Europe, Scottish EDM artist Calvin Harris just dropped a hot new track, with Ellie Goulding on the vocals. These are two artists who have had more successful times in their careers, but don’t worry, they are still in the very top percentiles of successful artists in the international music industry.

The beat features some nostalgic synth riffs, ethereal piano, quick drums and a pumping bass line. Goulding’s vocals come off as quite relaxed and pleasant, singing a catchy tune. You can listen to it right below.

Lvbel C5 - GAZ PEDAL feat. Arem Ozguc, Arman Aydin (TURKEY)

Now let’s go down to the Eurasian border, Turkey, where the young, up-and-coming local hip hop star Lvbel C5 put out a new release. It’s the titular track of his debut album “GAZ PEDAL”, with a beat that might even hold its own as a 2010's club banger, made by DJ Arem Ozguc.

The track also has a guest artist on it providing vocals, Czech-born Turkish rapper Arman Aydin, who is basically an industry veteran compared to Lvbel.

SadSvit - Суматоха (UKRAINE)

Sadly, in Ukraine, the music industry has waned in importance with the ongoing invasion by the Russians. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t talented artists putting out good music in the country. Indie pop singer SadSvit is one example, whose new EP “Суматоха” was a hit on Spotify among the embattled Ukrainians. Here’s one popular track off of the record.

Amir Jahari - Harsat (MALAYSIA)

Our next song is off of the soundtrack for the 2023 Malaysian drama “Imaginur”. The movie was just released this February, and one of the songs by Amir Jahari really stuck in the audiences’ ears, as it charted high all March.

Jahari is not exactly what you could call a prolific artist, having only released two albums in the past 10 years, one in 2013 and one in 2020. What’s more, these two records only have 16 tracks on them combined. No wonder his Malaysian fans are hungry for a new release from him.

Rema - Holiday (NIGERIA)

This is the first feature on our list from Africa. It’s from Rema, the young Afrobeats star out of Nigeria. This is actually not his first time to be included in our monthly column - back in October, his single “Calm Down” with none other than American pop star Selena Gomez on the track, was a big hit in the UAE, and thus it earned a spot on our list then.

This new single by Rema doesn’t have any A-list celebs as guest artists, but it still was very popular among his fellow Nigerian Spotify users last month.

TopGunn - For Altid (DENMARK)

In Denmark, rapper TopGunn had a winner for March, his new release “For Altid”. He’s been a staple in the Danish music scene since the early 2010’s, even branching out to fashion with his own clothing line since. And he doesn’t seem to want to slow down with his new hit - although he has not put a new record out since 2020, and there is no word of doing so any time soon either.

Adie - Mahika feat. Janine Berdin (PHILIPPINES)

We have another fresh, young artist for you on our list. Adie has been blowing up in his home country of the Philippines, amassing hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and tens of millions of views on YouTube. His latest hit is a fast-paced, cheery, cute indie pop love song with a heavy dose of acoustic guitar and some piano riffs heavily featured throughout. Overall, it is a very pleasant experience to listen to this one, it may even help you get you in a better mood if you are feeling down.

Jimin - Like Crazy (PAKISTAN)

K-pop has had quite an impact on Asian culture, even in places you may not have expected, as evidenced by the fact the latest pop cut by Jimin of BTS fame has been popular in the continent, even in Pakistan.

This is the 5th solo single in his discography, but the last 2 of those came out in the span of a couple months, both in 2023. But BTS fans need not worry, he is also staying with the famed boy band.



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