Top10 Worldwide Music Selection From Concerty - January 2023

After some time off, we are bringing you our first worldwide list of 2023. Let's take a look at what songs have been popular around the world in the new year.

Raye - Escapism. feat. 070 Shake (UNITED KINGDOM)

The new year kicked off with a banger from British R&B singer Raye who dropped her new hit single “Escapism.” last month. She’s recently been through a highly publicized split with her label Polydor Records. Going independent seems to be working out really well for her so far, as her new release hit #1 in the United Kingdom in January.

The song, an electro-R&B track about a painful break-up featuring 070 Shake from the US, is off of her debut album “My 21st Century Blues”. The record is even more freshly “out of the oven” than this track, having been released just last week. This is Raye’s first full-length studio album, despite the fact that she had her first hit charting high in the UK back in 2016.

Yandel - Yandel 150 feat. Feid (COLOMBIA)

Colombian music fans probably got used to seeing singer Feid’s name near the top of the charts in their country (and in many other Latin American countries as well). This time, he hit big with a feature on the new Yandel track “Yandel 150”. The Puerto Rican reggaeton/pop singer Yandel has also already had an album released this year, with the title “Resistancia”.

The new record was announced during his farewell tour last year with Wisin - that’s right, Yandel is not planning on hitting the road ever again, no matter how well his new release does.

Victor Leksell - Nätterna i Göteborg (SWEDEN)

With a jump from South America to Northern Europe, let’s take a listen to Swedish artist Victor Leksell’s “Nätterna i Göteborg”. It’s a nice pop ballad about meeting women in the nights of Göteborg. Leksell currently resides in the Western Swedish town with his girlfriend Lisa.

SunKissed Lola - Pasilyo (PHILIPPINES)

Next up we have a new artist for you from the Philippines. The band SunKissed Lola put out their first single less than six months ago, and they already have a hit on their hands. They can also boast 54,000 subscribers on YouTube, and, even more impressively, 2.9 million monthly listeners on Spotify with only 4 tracks in their catalog. It is safe to say that the South Asian indie pop band got off to a promising start.


In the meantime in the Czech Republic, rapper STEIN27 was a popular listen on Spotify in the first month of the year. While he’s still a young guy, he is not as fresh of an artist as the previous entry on our list. STEIN27 first gained traction in the Brno underground scene in 2018, and put out his debut album in 2020. He kicked off 2023 with a banger, “Habibi”. Take a listen below.

Miley Cyrus - Flowers (NEW ZEALAND)

Miley Cyrus’s “Flowers” was a big hit in the English speaking countries of the world, including New Zealand. The Disney star-turned rebel pop diva’s new single is about a break-up, just like multiple other tracks off of this list (this one is about her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth).

Musically, it carries influences from Cyrus and her family’s country music background with prominent string sections in the instrumental at times and “twangy” lead vocals. It also features brief choruses with a group of vocalists reminiscent of the 1980’s disco era. This is the lead single off of Miley’s upcoming new album “Endless Summer Vacation”, set to be released in March of this year.

Arijit Singh - Apna Bana Le (From "Bhediya") feat. Sachin-Jigar (INDIA)

This song is from the soundtrack for the 2022 Bollywood horror comedy movie “Bhediya”. Despite the popular movie’s genre, the lyrics of the song are nothing to laugh about, Arijit Singh, with the help of the musical duo Sachin-Jigar, is singing about his all-encompassing love for a girl. However, if you watch the music video linked below, you will get a lot goofier vibes.

7ari - Vvs (MOROCCO)

We have another artist with a debut album for you. The Moroccan rapper 7ari put out his first full-length studio album, “Omerta”, this year. “Vvs” is the most successful cut on its tracklist so far. You can watch its “official visual art video” below.

Gleb - workin workin (SLOVAKIA)

Despite all the pushback against Russian artists these days with the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war, Russian-born hip hop artist Gleb managed to stay popular in his new home country of Slovakia. The new, partly English, partly Slovak-language electro-hip hop song of his was a popular listen on Spotify last month.

Marília Mendonça - Leão (BRAZIL)

And to round up our first Concerty worldwide list of the year, we’ve got “Leão” from the Brazilian singer-guitarist Marília Mendonça for you. Sadly, this is a posthumous entry, as she passed away in November 2021 in a plane crash on her way to a concert at just age 26.

She left behind a rich discography that people are still happy to listen to, as evidenced by this song charting high over a year after her death. Mendonça first got big in 2016, with such hits as “Infiel” and “Eu Sei de Cor”. She had a total of 4 live albums, and 2 collab albums (with Maiara & Maraisa) released during her painfully short career. This song, “Leão”, is originally from 2020, with Mendonça only being a feature on the track by Brazilian hip hop artist Xamã. However, a new cut has been made with just Mendonça’s part.

Please make sure to listen through our Spotify playlist we made of these songs. Enjoy!

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