Top10 Worldwide Music Selection from Concerty - August 2022

It's time for us to share with you again what songs were popular all around the Globe last month. Hope you'll enjoy our list.

We do this every month so you can find new music that otherwise likely would have avoided your attention. We all tend to be overexposed to artists that are popular in our part of the world, we're here to help remedy that.

Ezhel - Nerdesin (TURKEY)

To kick off our list, we bring you a fresh track from Turkish rapper Ezhel. Hip hop is getting more and more popular in the Eurasian nation, with some industry insiders claiming it’s soon going to surpass pop in its popularity.

Ezhel is just one of the new generation of rappers who rose to the top of the charts recently. He also has a pleasant singing voice, which he shows off in this track too, the song is not all rap verses after each other. Ezhel is also known as “the Freestyle King’ in the Turkish hip hop circles.

Harry Styles - As It Was (UNITED KINGDOM)

After the world-famous boyband One Direction broke up, there was some doubt whether Harry Styles or Zayn Malik would have the bigger solo career. Remember, Zayn was the first to leave the group, searching for lone glory.

However, it seems that Harry Styles is coming out on top. He just had another fresh single near the top of the charts in the UK, the pop-rock track “As It Was”. The instrumental features an upbeat synth melody with heavy drums; while the music video features the talented model-dancer from Taiwan, Mathilde Lin.


Down in Spain, singer Rosalía’s new track “DESPACHÉ” became one of the hits of the summer. It’s a mambo single, mambo being a niche musical genre originating from the big band music in Cuba from the 1930’s. The style is similar to that of swing or jazz. In this song, the old style is mixed with new, Latin urban elements, you can clearly hear the digital effects on the vocals and sometimes in the instrumental as well.

Rosalía has been a major player in the Spanish music scene since 2018. Her biggest hit so far has been “Con altura” featuring world-famous Colombian singer J Balvin. Not only did it top the charts in Spain, but it also ranked high on the charts in many Spanish speaking countries around the world. This new single by her didn’t achieve quite as much so far, but it’s a popular summer hit in Spain nonetheless.

Burna Boy - Last Last (SOUTH AFRICA)

Nigerian artist Burna Boy has been really popular in South Africa last month. His new track, “Last Last” was second on the Spotify charts.

It’s a single off of his sixth studio album, “Love Damini”, which came out in July. That album features guest appearances from such world-famous artists as Khalid, J Balvin, and even Ed Sheeran.

Calin - Hannah Montana (CZECH REPUBLIC)

Alt R&B and hip hop artist from Czechia Calin Panfili decided to release a track titled after an old Disney Channel character played by Miley Cyrus. However, don’t get confused by that - in Czech slang, that term can also refer to the party drug ecstasy…

This song is off of Calin’s 2022 record “POPSTAR”. Here’s another clarification, however: he did not start making pop tracks. With this title, he’s signaling that his R&B/hip hop music will be as popular as the biggest pop hits.

Ado - 新時代 (JAPAN)

Teenage J-pop singer Ado is quite an enigma. Her real name or actual face isn’t known. Instead, she’s what’s known as a “digital singer”, meaning she’s represented as a cartoon avatar in her videos and only gives virtual concerts.

Despite that, her vocals sound completely natural in her tracks, with no autotune or excessive digital mastering. And it seems she doesn’t need to show herself to keep getting more popular. Multiple singles by her have reached the top of the Japanese Hot 100 chart, and she has millions of subscribers on YouTube. Her new track, “新時代” (“Shin Jidai”, meaning “New Era” in English), was also a major hit in Japan last month.

ElGrandeToto - Guele tapée (MOROCCO)

Moroccan rapper ElGrandeToto hit big in his home country in Africa with his new single “Guele tapée”. It’s no surprise there, the soccer fan musician has been one of the most popular artists in the Arabic world for the past few years. This is the titular track of his new album, which came out earlier this year.

JVG - Amatímies (FINLAND)

Up north in Finland, the pop rap duo JVG found gold with the release of their new single “Amatímies”. The hip hop couple consists of Jare Joakim Brand and Ville-Petteri Galle.

Both of them are passionate athletes and sports fans, so sports is a common theme in their songs. It’s a bit different in this track though, which is a mock motivational anthem for everyday work. It’s rare we see a comedy track on Spotify’s regional top lists, but it seems the people of Finland were in a funny mood for their short summer months.

Nina Chuba - Wildberry Lillet (GERMANY)

Nina Chuba’s new hip hop single “Wildberry Lillet” topped the charts in Germany last month. The title of the song refers to an expensive cocktail which, according to the lyrics, Chuba wants to have for breakfast every day. In the songs, she lists a whole slew of other expensive properties she wants for herself. If she keeps putting out hits like this, she’ll soon have no trouble affording exactly what she desires.

Feid - Feliz Cumpleaños Ferxxo (COLOMBIA)

From the South American nation of Colombia, we bring you the Latin urban track by local singer Feid, “Feliz Cumpleaños Ferxxo”. Recently, Feid was in the news for performing at a Miami event in which the Spanish soccer club FC Barcelona announced their new partnership with the premier music streaming service Spotify.

These were some of the best songs that were on top, or near the top of the charts in different countries around the world. Below, you can listen to our Spotify playlist with all of the songs in our latest monthly selection.

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