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Rock Fest Wisconsin is an annual rock music festival held in Cadott, Wisconsin, USA. The festival features multiple stages with live performances from a variety of rock and metal bands, as well as camping and other festival activities. Rock Fest Wisconsin attracts thousands of attendees from around the United States each year and has become one of the largest and most popular rock music festivals in the country. Nowadays, the festival has grown significantly, with attendance numbers reaching over 40,000 in recent years.

Rock Fest Wisconsin was founded by a local resident named Wade Asher that was passionate about music and wanted to bring together music lovers in one only place.

The first Rock Fest Wisconsin was held in 1994 and featured a single stage with performances from just a few bands. Over the years, the festival has grown and expanded, and now features multiple stages and dozens of performers over the course of several days. Despite its growth, Rock Fest Wisconsin has remained true to its roots as a community-driven event and continues to be managed and operated by Asher and a dedicated group of volunteers.

Some of the main headliners that have performed at Rock Fest Wisconsin over the years were: Disturbed, KISS, Slipknot, Rob Zombie, Avenged Sevenfold, and other heavy-weight bands.

Famous For:
Rock Fest Wisconsin is not only famous for being one of the largest and most popular rock and metal music festivals in the USA but also it is known for its camping options, which allow music fans to fully immerse themselves in the festival experience and connect with other music lovers from around the country.

Creation Purpose:
The festival's founder, Wade Asher, was inspired to create a music festival in his community after attending a similar event in a neighboring state. Asher's passion for music and desire to bring together music lovers is definitely a big part of what has made Rock Fest Wisconsin such a successful and beloved event.

Fun Facts:
The festival's original name was "Chippewa Valley Rock Fest," named after the region where it is held. It was later renamed to "Rock Fest Wisconsin."

In 2017, the festival was recognized as one of the top music festivals in the United States by Travel Channel.

In addition to live music, Rock Fest Wisconsin features a variety of other activities, including camping, food and drink vendors, merchandise booths, and even a "Rockstar Karaoke" competition.

In 2020, the festival was one of the few major music festivals in the United States to successfully hold an in-person event during the COVID-19 pandemic, implementing strict safety protocols to ensure the health and safety of all attendees.

Impact on the Music Industry:
Rock Fest Wisconsin's commitment to showcasing the best of rock and metal music has helped to keep these genres thriving and has contributed to the continued success of the broader music industry.

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Rock Fest Wisconsin 2024 at a glance

When did Rock Fest Wisconsin 2024 take place?

Festival was scheduled from 18 Jul to 15 Jul 2024 (3 day(s)).

Where was Rock Fest Wisconsin 2024 held?

Rock Fest Wisconsin takes place in Cadott, United States. Here is the full address of the festival: 24447 Cty Hwy S, Cadott, WI 54727 Cadott, WI, US 54727

Who headlined Rock Fest Wisconsin 2024?

Shinedown, Beartooth, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Parkway Drive, Killswitch Engage.

What were the main genres at Rock Fest Wisconsin 2024?

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