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Song title
  1. Pure 60s cover Sunshine Girl
  2. A Greatest Hits Collection Herman's Hermits: 1964-1970 (re-record) cover Wonderful World
  3. The Best Of The Emi Years,vol One 64-66 cover Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter
  4. The Best Of The Emi Years,vol One 64-66 cover No Milk Today
  5. This Is... 1969 cover My Sentimental Friend
  6. The Best Of The Emi Years,vol One 64-66 cover I'm Into Something Good
  7. Three Of A Kind cover There's a Kind of Hush
  8. There's A Kind Of Hush All Over The World cover Jezebel
  9. The Very Best Of Herman's Hermits cover Hold On!
  10. The Very Best Of Herman's Hermits cover Dandy
  11. No Milk Today - Best Of Herman's Hermits cover Leaning on a Lamp Post
  12. no cover Poetry in Motion / Oh! Carol / Dream Lover / Diana / Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
  13. no cover Runaround Sue
  14. Encore #1

  15. The Best Of The Emi Years,vol One 64-66 cover You Won't Be Leaving
  16. The Best Of The Emi Years,vol One 64-66 cover Listen People
  17. A's, B's & Ep's cover Just a Little Bit Better
  18. The Best Of The Emi Years,vol Two 67-71 cover Something's Happening
  19. The Very Best Of Herman's Hermits cover Sleepy Joe
  20. Our Danish Collection cover That's Life

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