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Song title
  1. Human The Double Album cover Let’s Build a Fire
  2. Human The Double Album cover Honky Tonk Hardwood Floors
  3. Gotta Be Me cover With You I Am
  4. Cowboy Like Me cover Dance Her Home
  5. A Different Day cover Diamond in My Pocket
  6. Human The Double Album cover Longer Than She Did
  7. Ain't Nothin' To It - Ep cover Dear Rodeo
  8. Ain't Nothin' To It cover Nothin' on You
  9. Ain't Nothin' To It - Ep cover Long Haired Country Boy
  10. Human The Double Album cover Stronger
  11. Human The Double Album cover Son of a Ramblin’ Man
  12. On My Way To You cover On My Way to You
  13. Human The Double Album cover Human
  14. Cowboy Like Me cover Me and My Kind
  15. Human The Double Album cover 'Til You Can't

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28 Upcoming concerts, touring in the following countries: United States, New Zealand, Australia, etc.

Cody Johnson Biography

Cody Daniel Johnson is an American country singer and songwriter. He was born on May 21, 1987 in Sebastopol, Texas. Johnson, also known as CoJo, started playing the guitar and singing at age 12. At age 19, he formed the “Cody Johnson Band” with his dad, a drummer named Nathan Reedy and a guitarist named Matt Rodgers. They put out one country music album in 2006, after which his dad left the band and bassist Danny Salinas joined.

Their second album came out in September 2009, through their own label “Cody Johnson” and with the title “Six Strings One Dream”. Three singles off of the record got on the local Texas music charts. The first self-produced album by Johnson to break into the famous Billboard 200 chart in the US was his 5th one, “Cowboy Like Me”, from January 2014. It peaked at the #33 spot on the list. Prior to that, he went on his first nationwide Cody Johnson concert tour: after teaming up with fellow Texas country star Kyle Park, they embarked on the “Dancin' and Drinkin' at Johnson Park Tour”.

Since then, Cody Johnson has put out 3 more studio albums, thus he has 8 in total. The best selling one among them is “Ain't Nothin' to It” which sold 63,600 copies in the US alone. It was the first record of his that wasn’t produced by his own label, rather, by the major music company Warner Music Nashville. Meanwhile, the latest new Cody Johnson album came out in October 2021, with the title “Human: The Double Album”.

The biggest hits in the Cody Johnson setlist to date are “With You I Am” (2016), “On My Way to You” (2019), “Nothin’ On You” (also 2019), and “‘Til You Can’t” (2021). You can check when the next Cody Johnson concert is playing near you on our page above.

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