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Song title
  1. Fair Game cover Fair Game
  2. no cover Once Lydian
  3. 10 Years Armada  E.p. 2 cover Synaesthesia (Andrew Bennett Remix) (The Thrillseekers cover)
  4. Mafioso cover Mafioso (Mark Sixma Remix)
  5. no cover Zodiac
  6. no cover ID
  7. The Late Anthem cover The Late Anthem (Way Too Late Mix)
  8. No Saint Out Of Me cover You Will Never Be
  9. 10 Years Of Orjan Nilsen Ep#1 cover Endymion
  10. No Saint Out Of Me cover Hurricane
  11. Xiing cover XIING
  12. Absolute Chaos Ep cover Nayana (Klauss Goulart cover)
  13. Burana / Filthy Fandango cover Filthy Fandango
  14. no cover Back To Earth
  15. 10 Years Of Orjan Nilsen Ep#2 cover Violetta
  16. Amsterdam cover Amsterdam

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