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But... Here are the top 10 songs by L.I.N. likely to played live!

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Lassigue Bendthaus

  1. Nailed Down
  2. Diabolic Changes (Side Effect Mix)
  3. Take It All - Overload Mix
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  1. Vienna at Night
  2. open eyz
  3. Shower
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  1. Join the Club - Remastered
  2. My Animocity - Remastered
  3. Dollars and Sins - Remastered
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  1. Just Ice (Overspeed Version)
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  1. Beautiful Nightmare
  2. Outside - The Eternal Sex Rmx
  3. Der Vierte
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The Fair Sex

  1. Rebuff
  2. Get O. (Twisted Mix)
  3. Dive-Right Jab (Till You Drop)
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Swamp Terrorists

  1. Electro Punks Unite - Anarchy Remix
  2. Blue Monday - New Order cover
  3. Long Live EBM
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  1. Iron Helix
  2. Ungdsob - Bastard Mix
  3. Trichotomy
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