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How long is the concert? G-Eazy will be on stage for approx 1:18. Here is the probable setlist based on previous concerts (60% probability):

Song title
  1. no cover Pray for Me
  2. When It's Dark Out cover Me, Myself & I
  3. The Beautiful & Damned cover The Plan
  4. These Things Happen cover I Mean It
  5. The Beautiful & Damned cover Legend
  6. The Beautiful & Damned cover But a Dream
  7. 1942 cover 1942
  8. When It's Dark Out cover Random
  9. When It's Dark Out cover You Got Me
  10. no cover Same Bitches (DreamDoll cover)
  11. The Beautiful & Damned cover Gotdamn
  12. The Vault cover Power
  13. When It's Dark Out cover Calm Down
  14. The Beautiful & Damned cover Him & I
  15. No Limit cover No Limit

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  2. I Think I'm OKAY (with YUNGBLUD & Travis Barker)
  3. forget me too (feat. Halsey)
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  2. Beware
  3. I Don't Fuck With You
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