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Songs to be played live were released on the following albums:

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How long is the concert? Jamestown Revival will be on stage for approx 1:16. Here is the probable setlist based on previous concerts (49% probability):

Song title
  1. San Isabel cover Crazy World (Judgement Day)
  2. The Education Of A Wandering Man cover Poor Mans Gold
  3. San Isabel cover This Too Shall Pass
  4. The Education Of A Wandering Man cover American Dream
  5. Utah cover Revival
  6. The Education Of A Wandering Man cover Company Man
  7. The Education Of A Wandering Man cover Midnight Hour
  8. Utah cover Wandering Man
  9. Utah cover Golden Age
  10. Utah cover Fur Coat Blues
  11. The Education Of A Wandering Man cover Love Is a Burden
  12. Utah cover California (Cast Iron Soul)
  13. Encore #1

  14. The Education Of A Wandering Man cover Airliner

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