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Song title
  1. David Allan Coe Sings Merle Haggard cover Ramblin' Fever
  2. Waylon & Willie cover I Can Get Off on You (Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson cover)
  3. The Essential David Allan Coe cover This Bottle (In My Hand)
  4. David Allan Coe - 16 Biggest Hits cover Tennessee Whiskey
  5. Super Hits cover Chiseled in Stone (Vern Gosdin cover)
  6. Johnny Paycheck - 16 Biggest Hits cover Take This Job and Shove It (Johnny Paycheck cover)
  7. The Essential David Allan Coe cover Jack Daniel's, If You Please
  8. The Essential David Allan Coe cover Would You Lay With Me (In a Field of Stone)
  9. Just Divorced cover Cocaine Carolina
  10. Son Of The South cover I Hate Love
  11. Who's Cheatin' Who cover I've Already Cheated on You
  12. Single Father cover Single Father
  13. Please Come to Boston cover Please Come to Boston (Dave Loggins cover)
  14. no cover Drift Away (Mentor Williams cover)
  15. Devil Without A Cause cover Only God Knows Why (Kid Rock cover)
  16. no cover If That Ain't Country - Part II
  17. Live From The Iron Horse: Biketoberfest '01 cover Nothing to Lose
  18. David Allan Coe - 16 Biggest Hits cover The Ride
  19. For The Record- The First 10 Years cover You Never Even Called Me By My Name
  20. Cocky cover Picture (Kid Rock cover)
  21. Golden Age of Country cover Waltz Across Texas (Ernest Tubb & The Texas Troubadours cover)
  22. A Matter Of Life And Death cover Time Off for Bad Behavior
  23. David Allan Coe - 16 Biggest Hits cover You Never Even Called Me by My Name

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