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Song title
  1. Spinning The Truth Around (part I) cover The Kitchen Drawer
  2. This Is What I Live For cover The Way I Used to Love You
  3. This Is What I Live For cover This Is What I Live For
  4. This Is What I Live For cover Oh My My
  5. Approaching Normal cover Say It
  6. This Is What I Live For cover Fight for Love
  7. Foiled cover Into the Ocean
  8. I Hope You're Happy cover All That We Are
  9. Foiled cover 18th Floor Balcony
  10. Home cover Home
  11. Foiled cover Hate Me
  12. Spinning The Truth Around (part I) cover Spinning the Truth Around
  13. Sway cover Sway
  14. Spinning The Truth Around (part I) cover Shut Up I Want You to Love Me Back
  15. Consent To Treatment cover James
  16. I Hope You're Happy cover Colors Collide
  17. Things We Do At Night cover Things We Do at Night
  18. Sway cover Fear
  19. Encore #1

  20. Foiled For The Last Time cover Congratulations
  21. This Is What I Live For cover Moving On (So Long)
  22. I Hope You're Happy cover I Hope You're Happy

Blue October Tour Map 2023

Follow Blue October around the world with this interactive Tour Map. Explore the places where you can catch Blue October on tour.
43 Upcoming concerts, touring in the following countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, etc.

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