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Song title
  1. Red Dead Redemption Original Soundtrack cover Far Away
  2. Veneer cover Crosses
  3. In Our Nature cover Abram
  4. Vestiges & Claws cover What Will
  5. Vestiges & Claws cover The Forest
  6. Cycling Trivialities (radio Edit) cover Cycling Trivialities
  7. Vestiges & Claws cover Every Age
  8. Vestiges & Claws cover Vissel
  9. Deep Cuts cover Heartbeats (The Knife cover)
  10. Vestiges & Claws cover Let It Carry You
  11. Vestiges & Claws cover Stories We Build, Stories We Tell
  12. Teardrop (bundle) cover Teardrop
  13. Encore #1

  14. In Our Nature cover Down the Line
  15. Vestiges & Claws cover Leaf Off / The Cave

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