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How long is the concert? Saxon will be on stage for approx 2:24. Here is the probable setlist based on previous concerts (99% probability):

Song title
  1. Thunderbolt cover Thunderbolt
  2. Sacrifice cover Sacrifice
  3. Wheels Of Steel cover Wheels of Steel
  4. Strong Arm Of The Law cover Strong Arm of the Law
  5. Denim And Leather cover Denim and Leather
  6. Battering Ram cover Battering Ram
  7. Solid Ball Of Rock cover Solid Ball of Rock
  8. Decade Of The Eagle cover Backs to the Wall
  9. Thunderbolt cover They Played Rock and Roll
  10. The Best Of Saxon cover Power and the Glory
  11. Dogs Of War cover Dogs of War
  12. The Best Of Saxon cover And the Bands Played On
  13. Wheels Of Steel cover Motorcycle Man
  14. Wheels Of Steel cover 747 (Strangers in the Night)
  15. Strong Arm Of The Law cover To Hell and Back Again
  16. Let Me Feel Your Power cover Dallas 1 PM
  17. Encore #1

  18. Crusader cover Crusader
  19. Strong Arm Of The Law cover Heavy Metal Thunder
  20. Denim And Leather cover Princess of the Night
  21. Encore #2

  22. The Best Of Saxon cover The Eagle Has Landed

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8 Upcoming concerts, touring in the following countries: United Kingdom, France, Germany, etc.

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