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How long is the concert? Eminem will be on stage for approx 2:54. Here is the probable setlist based on previous concerts (99% probability):

Song title
  1. Recovery cover Won't Back Down
  2. Relapse cover 3 a.m.
  3. The Eminem Show cover Square Dance
  4. The Marshall Mathers Lp (u.k. Only) cover Kill You
  5. The Eminem Show cover White America
  6. The Marshall Mathers Lp2 cover Rap God
  7. The Eminem Show cover Sing for the Moment
  8. Encore cover Like Toy Soldiers
  9. no cover Forever ( cover)
  10. The Slim Shady Lp cover Just Don't Give a Fuck
  11. Curtain Call cover Criminal
  12. Revival cover Walk on Water
  13. The Marshall Mathers Lp (u.k. Only) cover The Way I Am
  14. Curtain Call cover Stan
  15. Recovery cover Love the Way You Lie
  16. The Marshall Mathers Lp2 cover Berzerk
  17. The Eminem Show cover 'Till I Collapse
  18. Recovery cover Cinderella Man
  19. Hell: The Sequel cover Fast Lane (Bad Meets Evil cover)
  20. The Marshall Mathers Lp2 cover The Monster
  21. The Slim Shady Lp cover My Name Is
  22. The Marshall Mathers Lp (u.k. Only) cover The Real Slim Shady
  23. The Eminem Show cover Without Me
  24. Recovery cover Not Afraid
  25. Encore #1

  26. Curtain Call cover Lose Yourself

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