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Song title
  1. Sleeping With Roses Ii cover Love You More
  2. Cold Showers cover Cold Showers
  3. no cover you were good to me
  4. Out Of Focus cover Out of Focus
  5. Sleeping With Roses Ii cover AF1s
  6. Sleeping With Roses Ii cover 310 Bowery
  7. You're Not Missing Me cover You're Not Missing Me
  8. You Make Me cover You Make Me
  9. Sleeping With Roses cover Deserve This
  10. Sleeping With Roses cover Lonely Alone
  11. Sleeping With Roses Ii cover Mess
  12. Encore #1

  13. Your Shirt cover Your Shirt
  14. The Reason cover The Reason
  15. Encore #2

  16. How To Be Human cover You Are Losing Me
  17. Not Ok (frank Walker Remix) cover Not Ok (Kygo cover)

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