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Song title
  1. Rust In Peace cover Hangar 18
  2. The World Needs A Hero cover Dread and the Fugitive Mind
  3. Hidden Treasures cover Angry Again
  4. Countdown To Extinction cover Sweating Bullets
  5. Dystopia cover Dystopia
  6. Cryptic Writings cover Trust
  7. The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead! cover We’ll Be Back
  8. Countdown To Extinction cover Symphony of Destruction
  9. Peace Sells...but Who's Buying cover Peace Sells
  10. Encore #1

  11. Rust In Peace cover Holy Wars... The Punishment Due

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12 Upcoming concerts, touring in the following countries: United States, Mexico, etc.

Megadeth Biography

Megadeth is an American heavy metal band. They were formed in 1983 in Los Angeles, California. The founding members were lead vocalist and guitarist Dave Mustaine (born in 1961 in La Mesa, California) and bassist David Ellefson (1964, Jackson, Minnesota).

Mustaine used to be part of another legendary band, Metallica. However, in 1983, he was fired from the group due to issues arising from his substance abuse. He vowed to form a band rivaling Metallica as revenge. He also wanted that band to play heavy metal, instead of rock, the genre that his former band played. He moved to Los Angeles, where he recruited his neighbor Ellefson to join him in his new endeavor.

They named the new band “Megadeth”, an alternative spelling of the word “megadeath”, which caught their attention on a political campaign pamphlet. In the meantime, Mustaine and Ellefson had trouble filling their line-up. A guitarist named Greg Handevidt only played with them a few months before getting kicked out. They eventually found a drummer, Lee Rausch. Meanwhile, Mustaine took on the lead vocalist role himself after spending much effort trying to find a proper singer to no avail.

In 1984, they produced a demo tape with three songs. They also started to do live Megadeth concert shows around California. This ultimately led to them having multiple choices in record labels - they went with the New York-based indie label Combat Records. So, their debut album came out in June 1985, with the title “Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!”. It became a moderate success, especially in the underground music scene, peaking at the #169 spot on the Billboard 200 list. At that point, the band line-up consisted of the two co-founders, Mustaine and Ellefson, as well as Chris Poland on the lead and rhythm guitars, and Gar Samuelson on the drums.

Since then, the prolific Californian metal band has produced 15 more studio albums, thus they have 16 in total. The best selling one among them so far has been “Countdown to Extinction” from July 1992, which peaked at the #2 spot on the Billboard 200 list. Meanwhile, the new Megadeth album is titled “The Sick, the Dying... and the Dead!”, which came out in September 2022.

Megadeth’s biggest hits to date are “Holy Wars...The Punishment Due” (1990), “Symphony Of Destruction” (1992), “Sweating Bullets” (also 1992), and "À Tout Le Monde [Set Me Free]" (1994).

The band’s line-up has changed a lot in the almost 40 years of the band’s existence. Co-founder David Ellefson is no longer with them. He was originally kicked out in 2004. However, after a lawsuit and settlement, he was reinstated in 2010, just to be kicked out again in 2021 due to sexual misconduct allegations. Megadeth’s current members are the other co-founder, Mustaine, as well as bassist and backing vocalist James LoMenzo, guitarist Kiko Loureiro, and drummer Dirk Verbeuren. Check where the next Megadeth concert is taking place on the page above.


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