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Song title
  1. Make It Sweet cover Make It Sweet
  2. Old Dominion cover Never Be Sorry
  3. Happy Endings cover No Such Thing as a Broken Heart
  4. Happy Endings cover Written in the Sand
  5. Time, Tequila & Therapy cover No Hard Feelings
  6. Meat And Candy cover Snapback
  7. Happy Endings cover Hotel Key
  8. Meat And Candy cover Song for Another Time
  9. Meat And Candy cover Break Up With Him
  10. Old Dominion cover Wild Hearts
  11. There Is Nothing Left To Lose cover Learn to Fly (Foo Fighters cover)
  12. Happy Endings cover Can't Get You
  13. Old Dominion cover One Man Band
  14. Time, Tequila & Therapy cover I Was on a Boat That Day

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Old Dominion Biography

Old Dominion is an American country band. They were formed in 2007 in Nashville, Tennessee. The founding and only members to ever be part of the group are lead singer Matthew Ramsey (born in 1977 in Buchanan, Virginia), guitarist and keyboardist Trevor Rosen (1975, Woodhaven, Michigan), drummer Whit Sellers, bassist Geoff Sprung, and second guitarist Brad Tursi.

Four of the five founders are originally from Virginia. Ramsey and Sellers went to rival high schools near each other, both playing drums in their school’s respective marching bands. Ramsey moved to Nashville to become a country songwriter after graduating college. Sellers also went to college in Virginia, where he met Sprung and Tursi. They too got to Nashville with the same ambitions. Sellers and his new crew met up with his old high school acquaintance there. By that time, Ramesey had also met Rosen in Tennessee. Thus, the band’s line-up was complete, and “Old Dominion” was formed in 2007. The name is a nickname for the state of Virginia, where most of the founders are from.

While playing with their new band on the side, Tursi and Ramsey became established songwriters in the country music industry as well, having written songs for such artists as Luke Bryan, Cole Swindell, Kenny Chesney, and Blake Shelton. While they were performing live Old Dominion shows with songs their members wrote for different artists, it took them 5 years from their formation to release their first EP. They put out a second Extended Play in 2014, which resulted in them signing a record deal with RCA Nashville. In 2015, they went on a nationwide Old Dominion concert tour, opening for country music superstar Kenny Chesney.

Old Dominion’s debut album came out in November 2015, with the title “Meat and Candy”. It became quite a hit, peaking at the #3 spot on Billboard’s country music chart, while also reaching the #16 spot on the overall Billboard 200 chart. Since then, the Virginian-Tennessean country band has put out 3 more albums, thus they have 4 in total. The best selling one has remained their first one, “Meat and Candy” from 2015, which sold around 1 million copies worldwide. Meanwhile, the latest new Old Dominion album came out in October 2021, with the title “Time, Tequila & Therapy”.

The biggest Old Dominion hits to date are “Break Up with Him” (2015), “Snapback” (2016), “Written in the Sand” (2017), and “One Man Band” (2019).



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