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Song title
  1. Country Squire cover All Your'n
  2. Tyler Childers | Ourvinyl Sessions cover Nose on the Grindstone
  3. Purgatory cover Feathered Indians
  4. Country Squire cover Country Squire
  5. Country Squire cover Bus Route
  6. Country Squire cover Creeker
  7. The Ultimate Collection cover Tulsa Turnaround (Kenny Rogers & The First Edition cover)
  8. Purgatory cover I Swear (to God)
  9. Purgatory cover Whitehouse Road
  10. Country Squire cover House Fire
  11. Purgatory cover Born Again
  12. Purgatory cover Honky Tonk Flame
  13. no cover Trudy ( cover)
  14. Purgatory cover Lady May
  15. Purgatory cover Universal Sound

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Tyler Childers Biography

Timothy Tyler Childers is an American singer and songwriter. He was born on June 21, 1991 in Lawrence County, Kentucky. Childers grew up in a scarcely populated rural county in Kentucky, with only around 15,000 residents at the time. He learnt how to sing in his church choir. At age 13, he picked up the guitar and started writing his own songs. He did attend college for a couple of semesters, including Bluegrass Community and Technical College, but he eventually dropped out before graduating to pursue a career in music.

He started doing early Tyler Childers concert shows in his late teens, first in Lexington, Kentucky, then in Huntington, West Virginia. In October 2011, he released his self-produced debut album, “Bottles and Bibles”, which he recorded in his friend’s backyard. However, that record did achieve any considerable commercial success. In 2013, he released two EP’s (Extended Plays), which were made of recordings of his appearances on the local Lexington radio show “Red Barn Radio”.

In August 2017, he put out the first album of his backed by a label, Hickman Holler. “Purgatory” became quite a hit, reaching the #11 spot on Billboard’s Top Country Music Albums chart, while also breaking into the famous overall Billboard 200 chart, peaking at the #98 spot. Around that time, he also started regularly doing Tyler Childers concert shows in major venues across America. Since then, the Kentucky-native country star has released 3 more studio albums, thus he has 5 in total. The best selling one among them is the aforementioned “Purgatory” from 2017, which sold 90,000 copies in the US alone. Meanwhile, the latest new Tyler Childers album came out in September 2022, with the title “Can I Take My Hounds to Heaven?”.

Tyler Childers’ biggest hits to date are “Hard Times” (2011), “Nose on the Grindstone” (2015), “Feathered Indians” (2017), and “Whitehouse Road” (also 2017).

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