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How long is the concert? Death From Above 1979 will be on stage for approx 1:31. Here is the probable setlist based on previous concerts (99% probability):

Song title
  1. Heads Up Demos cover Dead Womb
  2. Heads Up Demos cover Too Much Love
  3. Heads Up cover Do It!
  4. Heads Up Demos cover My Love Is Shared
  5. Heads Up cover Losing Friends
  6. Heads Up Demos cover If We Don't Make It We'll Fake It
  7. Outrage! Is Now cover Outrage! Is Now
  8. Outrage! Is Now cover Nomad
  9. Outrage! Is Now cover Caught Up
  10. Outrage! Is Now cover Moonlight
  11. You're A Woman, I'm A Machine cover Turn It Out
  12. The Physical World cover White Is Red
  13. Outrage! Is Now cover Holy Books
  14. Freeze Me cover Freeze Me
  15. You're A Woman, I'm A Machine cover Going Steady
  16. The Physical World cover Trainwreck 1979
  17. You're A Woman, I'm A Machine cover Romantic Rights
  18. The Physical World cover The Physical World
  19. Encore #1

  20. You're A Woman, I'm A Machine cover Pull Out

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26 Upcoming concerts, touring in the following countries: Canada, United States, etc.

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