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But... Here are the top 10 songs by Dario G likely to played live!

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  1. Ecuador - Original Radio Edit
  2. Encore Une Fois - Future Breeze Edit
  3. Stay - Original Single Edit
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  1. The Key, The Secret
  2. Feels Like Heaven
  3. The Key, the Secret - 2011 Version; Radio Edit
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Urban Cookie Collective

  1. Set You Free - Edit
  2. Stayin' Alive
  3. Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?
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  1. Victory
  2. Heart of Courage
  3. Protectors of the Earth
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  1. Better Off Alone (Remastered) - 1999 Original Hit Radio
  2. Better Off Alone (Remastered) - 1999 Original Mix
  3. Better Off Alone (Laidback Luke Remix) - Laidback Luke Remix - Hit Radio
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Alice DeeJay

  1. Toca Me - twoloud Radio Edit
  2. Everytime You Need Me - Radio Version
  3. Toca Me
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  1. Pretty Green Eyes
  2. Elysium (I Go Crazy)
  3. Discolights - Ultrabeat Vs. Darren Styles / Radio Edit
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  1. It Feels So Good
  2. Sky
  3. Sky - Radio Edit
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  1. Karaoke - Things Can Only Get Better
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