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Song title
  1. no cover Re-Rewind (The Crowd Say Bo Selecta)
  2. Hits Of The 00s cover Fill Me In
  3. Born To Do It cover 7 Days
  4. Purpose cover Love Yourself (Justin Bieber cover)
  5. Tribe cover Reload (Chase & Status cover)
  6. Following My Intuition cover When the Bassline Drops
  7. The Time Is Now cover I Know You
  8. Fanmail cover No Scrubs (TLC cover)
  9. Scorpion cover Who's That Girl? (Eve cover)
  10. Born To Do It cover Walking Away
  11. Following My Intuition cover One More Time
  12. The Time Is Now cover Heartline
  13. Slicker Than Your Average cover What's Your Flava?
  14. The Story Goes... cover One Dance
  15. Following My Intuition cover Ain't Giving Up
  16. Nothing Like This cover Nothing Like This
  17. Slicker Than Your Average cover Rise & Fall

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