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Song title
  1. Once Upon A Hell Of A Time... cover Drive On
  2. Twice Upon A Hell Of A Time... cover Ola Volo
  3. When The Angels Make Contact cover Spoonful of Sugar
  4. Matt Mays & El Torpedo cover Travellin'
  5. Terminal Romance cover Building a Boat
  6. Coyote cover Indio
  7. Once Upon A Hell Of A Time... cover Station Out of Range
  8. Matt Mays cover City of Lakes
  9. Coyote cover Take It on Faith
  10. Terminal Romance cover Terminal Romance
  11. Matt Mays & El Torpedo cover Cocaine Cowgirl
  12. Encore #1

  13. Terminal Romance cover Tall Trees
  14. Matt Mays & El Torpedo cover On the Hood

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