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Song title
  1. Prayer For Peace cover Need to Be Free
  2. A Bothered Mind cover Goin' Down South (R.L. Burnside cover)
  3. Meet Me In The City cover Meet Me in the City (Junior Kimbrough cover)
  4. 2012-09-28: Irving Plaza, New York, NY, USA cover K.C. Jones (On the Road Again)
  5. no cover Shake 'Em on Down (T-Model Ford cover)
  6. The Early Years cover Lord Have Mercy
  7. no cover Poor Black Mattie
  8. Hill Country Revue cover Psychedelic Sex Machine
  9. Prayer For Peace cover Prayer for Peace
  10. Shake Hands With Shorty cover Shake
  11. no cover Deep Ellum ([traditional] cover)
  12. 51 Phantom cover Circle in the Sky
  13. Spacedust & Ocean Views cover Move Back to Mississippi (Anders Osborne cover)
  14. Encore #1

  15. Jam In The Van - North Mississippi Allstars cover ML

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