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Song title
  1. Emerald City cover Numbered Lithograph
  2. The Cedars cover I Got Shit to Lose
  3. Pixel Revolt cover Trance Manual
  4. White Wilderness cover After It Ends
  5. The Cedars cover Oral History of Silk Road 1
  6. Pixel Revolt cover Angela
  7. Moon Colony Bloodbath cover Scorpio Rising
  8. Cellar Door cover Pale Horse
  9. Pixel Revolt cover Exodus Damage
  10. The Cedars cover Henry Ford Gymnasium
  11. Dagger Beach cover How the West Was Won
  12. Romanian Names cover Too Much Time
  13. The Cedars cover I'll Wait For You
  14. Emerald City cover The Parade

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3 Upcoming concerts, touring in the following countries: United States, Belgium, Ireland, etc.

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