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Song title
  1. Keep Doing What You're Doing cover House Address
  2. Grow Up, Dude cover Pinball House
  3. Keep Doing What You're Doing cover Award of the Year Award
  4. Abendrot cover Forecasting
  5. Abendrot cover Greenwood
  6. Keep Doing What You're Doing cover Match & Tinder
  7. Abendrot cover Autotheology
  8. Keep Doing What You're Doing cover Gray Matter
  9. Keep Doing What You're Doing cover Better to Best
  10. Abendrot cover Minorwye
  11. Grow Up, Dude cover Medal of Honor
  12. Grow Up, Dude cover Terry v. Tori
  13. Encore #1

  14. Grow Up, Dude cover The Fifties

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