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Song title
  1. Bz20 cover Who We Are
  2. Brother cover Love Is a Hurricane
  3. Back Again... No Matter What cover Isn't It a Wonder
  4. Said And Done cover Coming Home Now
  5. Tracy Chapman cover Baby Can I Hold You (Tracy Chapman cover)
  6. Let's Keep It That Way cover You Needed Me (Anne Murray cover)
  7. Where We Belong cover All That I Need
  8. Greatest Hits cover I Love the Way You Love Me (John Michael Montgomery cover)
  9. Said And Done cover Father and Son
  10. Dream (feat. Stephen Gately) cover Dream
  11. The Love Songs Collection cover Every Day I Love You
  12. Said And Done cover Key To My Life
  13. Words cover Words ( cover)
  14. Thank You & Goodnight cover Talk About Love
  15. no cover When You Say Nothing at All (Bee Gees cover)
  16. Very Best Of The Osmonds cover Love Me for a Reason (The Osmonds cover)
  17. Where We Belong cover No Matter What
  18. Back Again... No Matter What - The Greatest Hits cover A Different Beat
  19. no cover When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going (Keith Whitley cover)
  20. Encore #1

  21. Ronan cover Life Is a Rollercoaster (Ronan Keating cover)
  22. Where We Belong cover Picture of You

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