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Song title
  1. no cover The White Pixel Ape Show Intro
  2. The Evol’ cover Killing Hallelujah
  3. The Evol’ cover On Fire
  4. The White Pixel Ape (smoking Isolate To Keep In Shape) cover Wanna Get Free
  5. no cover Twisted Mind
  6. Monkeys In Bercy cover I'm Picky
  7. no cover Palabra mi amor + Circle Pit
  8. Smells Like Teen Spirit cover Smells Like Teen Spirit
  9. no cover Gung Ho / War Dance
  10. The Evol’ cover Share a Line
  11. no cover Battle
  12. The Evol’ cover Rusty Fonky
  13. Tostaky cover Tostaky (le continent) (Noir Désir cover)

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  1. J't'emmène au vent
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  1. Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Gabry Ponte Ice Pop Radio
  2. Blue - Flume Remix
  3. Auto Blu
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  1. Cooler Than Me
  2. Top Down
  3. Game
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  1. New-York avec toi - Remasterisé en 2015
  2. Ça (c'est vraiment toi) - Remasterisé en 2015
  3. Un autre monde - Remasterisé en 2015
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  1. Jeune et con
  2. Les enfants paradis
  3. J'accuse
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  1. Le Retour à la terre
  2. Noir (s)
  3. Sucer des cailloux
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  1. Le vent nous portera
  2. L'homme pressé
  3. Un jour en France
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