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Song title
  1. The Fall Of Ideals cover Indictment
  2. The Fall Of Ideals cover Empty Inside
  3. The Fall Of Ideals cover The Air That I Breathe
  4. The Fall Of Ideals cover Become the Catalyst
  5. The Fall Of Ideals cover Six
  6. The Fall Of Ideals cover The Weak Willed
  7. no cover Whispers (I Hear Your)
  8. The Fall Of Ideals cover We Stand
  9. The Fall Of Ideals cover It Dwells in Me
  10. The Fall Of Ideals cover Not Alone
  11. The Fall Of Ideals cover This Calling
  12. Encore #1

  13. Overcome cover Chiron
  14. A War You Cannot Win cover What If I Was Nothing?
  15. Overcome cover Two Weeks

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