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Song title
  1. It All Comes Out In The Wash cover Locomotive
  2. Kerosene cover Kerosene
  3. Wildcard cover Mess With My Head
  4. Crazy Ex-girlfriend cover Famous in a Small Town
  5. It All Comes Out In The Wash cover It All Comes Out in the Wash
  6. The Weight Of These Wings cover Vice
  7. Bluebird cover Bluebird
  8. Revolution cover Heart Like Mine
  9. Four The Record cover Over You
  10. no cover Takin' Pills
  11. Interstate Gospel cover Best Years of My Life (Pistol Annies cover)
  12. Interstate Gospel cover Got My Name Changed Back (Pistol Annies cover)
  13. Hell On Heels cover Hell on Heels (Pistol Annies cover)
  14. Crazy Ex-girlfriend cover Gunpowder & Lead
  15. Four The Record cover Mama's Broken Heart
  16. Four The Record cover All Kinds of Kinds
  17. Revolution cover The House That Built Me
  18. Wildcard cover Tequila Does
  19. Platinum cover Automatic
  20. Revolution cover White Liar
  21. Platinum cover Little Red Wagon
  22. Boogie Nights #2 (more Music From The Original Motion Picture) cover Fooled Around and Fell in Love (Elvin Bishop cover)

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11 Upcoming concerts, touring in the following countries: United States, Canada, etc.

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