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Song title
  1. Preludes, Airs And Yodels (a Penguin Cafe Primer) cover Dirt
  2. A History cover Air à Danser
  3. Signs Of Life cover Swing the Cat
  4. Music From The Penguin Cafe cover From the Colonies
  5. Signs Of Life cover Bean Fields
  6. Penguin Café Orchestra cover Telephone and Rubber Band
  7. The Founder (original Motion Picture Soundtrack) cover Music for a Found Harmonium
  8. Penguin Café Orchestra cover Paul's Dance
  9. Preludes, Airs And Yodels (a Penguin Cafe Primer) cover Perpetuum Mobile
  10. Penguin Café Orchestra cover Salty Bean Fumble
  11. Concert Program cover Southern Jukebox Music
  12. Music From The Penguin Cafe cover Giles Farnaby's Dream

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  3. Another Green World - Remastered 2004
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