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But... Here are the top 10 songs by Gustav Holst likely to played live!

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  1. Elgar: Cello Concerto in E Minor, Op. 85: I. Adagio - Moderato
  2. Salut d'Amour, Op. 12
  3. Salut d'amour, Op. 12
Edward Elgar Photo

Edward Elgar

  1. The Carnival of the Animals, R. 125: XIII. The Swan (Arr. for Cello and Piano)
  2. Carnival of the Animals, R. 125: The Swan
  3. The Swan
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Camille Saint‐Saëns

  1. Serenade for Strings in E Major, Op. 22, B. 52: II. Tempo di valse
  2. 2 Pieces, Op. posth., B. 188: No. 1. Lullaby in G Major
  3. 8 Humoresques, Op. 101, B. 187: No. 7, Poco lento e grazioso (Transcribed by Oscar Morawetz for Violin, Cello & Orchestra)
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Antonín Dvořák

  1. The Lark Ascending
  2. The Lark Ascending
  3. Vaughan Williams: Job, Scene 9: Epilogue
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Ralph Vaughan Williams

  1. Dolly, Op.56: 1. Berceuse
  2. Après un rêve, Op.7, No.1 (Arr. Cello & Piano)
  3. Après un rêve, Op. 7, No. 1
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  1. 13 Pieces for Piano, Op.76: 2. Etude
  2. 6 Impromptus, Op. 5: Impromptu VI
  3. 6 Impromptus, Op. 5: Impromptu V
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Jean Sibelius

  1. Lyric Pieces, Book 5, Op. 54: Nocturne
  2. Piano Concerto In A Minor, Op.16: 2. Adagio - Live
  3. Peer Gynt, Op. 23: IV. In the Hall of the Mountain King
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Edvard Grieg

  1. Also sprach Zarathustra, Op.30, TrV 176: Prelude (Sonnenaufgang)
  2. Also Sprach Zarathustra Op.30: Einleitung (Opening)
  3. Also sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30, TrV 176: 1. Prelude (Sonnenaufgang)
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  1. Meditation: Méditation from Thaïs
  2. Thaïs: Méditation (Arr. for Cello & Piano)
  3. Thaïs: Méditation
Jules Massenet Photo

Jules Massenet

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