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Song title
  1. Out Of Time Ep cover Above & Beyond - Is it Love? (1001)
  2. Tightrope cover Above & Beyond - Tightrope
  3. no cover Above & Beyond - Distorted Truth
  4. Group Therapy 250 Live From The Gorge Amphitheatre cover Alone Tonight
  5. Thing Called Love cover Thing Called Love
  6. Group Therapy 300 Live From Hong Kong (abgt300) cover Always - Club Mix
  7. Little Something Live From Wembley cover Another Chance
  8. Distorted Truth cover Distorted Truth
  9. Acoustic Ii cover No One on Earth
  10. The Club Mix Collection cover Above & Beyond - Sun & Moon
  11. Group Therapy cover Sun & Moon
  12. Common Ground cover Northern Soul
  13. no cover Immortal Lover
  14. Common Ground cover Is It Love? (1001)
  15. Lovingly cover Lovingly (Oliver Smith cover)
  16. Red Rocks cover Red Rocks
  17. Sahara Love (acoustic) cover Flying By Candlelight

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2 Upcoming concerts, touring in the following countries: India, United Kingdom, etc.

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