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Song title
  1. Live At Red Rocks (with The Colorado Symphony) cover Jesus
  2. My New Moon cover All You Got Is a Song
  3. Supply And Demand cover Supply and Demand
  4. Crooked cover Crooked
  5. Amos Lee cover Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight
  6. Spirit cover Spirit
  7. Hang On, Hang On cover Hang On, Hang On
  8. Mission Bell cover Violin
  9. Last Days At The Lodge cover Baby I Want You
  10. Supply And Demand cover Sweet Pea
  11. Flower cover Flower
  12. Little Light (mighty Maya Mix) cover Little Light
  13. Mission Bell cover Windows Are Rolled Down
  14. Encore #1

  15. Supply And Demand cover Night Train
  16. Amos Lee cover Arms of a Woman

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