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Top 10 most played songs by Night Ranger in the last 40 concerts.

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Songs to be played live were released on the following albums:

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How long is the concert? Night Ranger will be on stage for approx 1:29. Here is the probable setlist based on previous concerts (80% probability):

Song title
  1. Midnight Madness cover (You Can Still) Rock in America
  2. 7 Wishes cover Four in the Morning
  3. Dawn Patrol cover Sing Me Away
  4. Dawn Patrol cover Coming of Age
  5. 7 Wishes cover Sentimental Street
  6. Greatest Hits: Night Ranger cover The Secret of My Success
  7. Atbpo cover Bring It All Home to Me
  8. Dawn Patrol cover Night Ranger
  9. Damn Yankees cover High Enough (Damn Yankees cover)
  10. 7 Wishes cover Goodbye
  11. Midnight Madness cover When You Close Your Eyes
  12. Dawn Patrol cover Don't Tell Me You Love Me
  13. Boogie Nights / Music From The Original Motion Picture cover Sister Christian
  14. Blizzard Of Ozz cover Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne cover)

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