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Song title
  1. No Sleep 'til The Stardust Motel cover Pop Fanatic
  2. Rupture - Pyschosis cover Fringe
  3. Rupture - Pyschosis cover 39
  4. Crawl cover American Dream
  5. Rupture - Pyschosis cover World
  6. Crawl cover Mind Waltz
  7. Crawl cover Wiser
  8. Rupture - Pyschosis cover Look Away
  9. Rupture - Pyschosis cover Rosey Picture
  10. Crawl cover Not Now
  11. Rupture - Pyschosis cover Diane
  12. Crawl cover Registered
  13. Crawl cover Stop
  14. Crawl cover Crawl
  15. Rupture - Pyschosis cover Noise Patch
  16. No Sleep 'til The Stardust Motel cover Just Say No
  17. Crawl cover For Beth

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