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Song title
  1. An End Has A Start cover An End Has a Start
  2. The Back Room cover Bullets
  3. An End Has A Start cover Bones
  4. An End Has A Start cover Escape the Nest
  5. Violence cover Magazine
  6. The Weight Of Your Love cover Sugar
  7. Black Gold : Best Of Editors cover Upside Down
  8. Violence cover Violence
  9. Black Gold : Best Of Editors cover Frankenstein
  10. In This Light And On This Evening cover Papillon
  11. In Dream cover Ocean of Night
  12. An End Has A Start cover Spiders
  13. The Weight Of Your Love cover A Ton of Love
  14. The Weight Of Your Love cover Formaldehyde
  15. The Back Room cover Blood
  16. The Back Room cover You Are Fading
  17. Encore #1

  18. An End Has A Start cover The Racing Rats
  19. The Back Room cover Munich
  20. An End Has A Start cover Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors

Editors Tour Map 2022

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4 Upcoming concerts, touring in the following countries: Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, etc.

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