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Song title
  1. Luca Brasi 3 cover Great Man
  2. By Any Means 2 cover Imagine That
  3. Stranger Than Fiction cover Thinking With My Dick
  4. Luca Brasi 3 cover In God I Trust
  5. Islah cover Time For That
  6. By Any Means cover Posed to Be in Love
  7. Luca Brasi 3 cover Me Too
  8. Stranger Than Fiction cover Power
  9. Luca Brasi 2: Gangsta Grillz cover Perfect Imperfection
  10. Only The Generals Gon Understand cover Luv Bug
  11. Satellites cover Satellites
  12. Islah cover Really Really
  13. Islah cover 2 Phones
  14. Luca Brasi 2: Gangsta Grillz cover I Don't Get Tired (#Idgt)
  15. I'm Him cover By My Lonely

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