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But... Here are the top 10 songs by Jim Stärk likely to played live!

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  1. Egypt Song
  2. Love I can't defend
  3. I Concentrate on You
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  1. Jeg er faen meg det beste som har skjedd deg
  2. Her skal vi bygge og her skal vi bo
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  1. Tolerate
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  3. Family
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  2. Take It Easy
  3. Bliss
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  2. Cries Like a Baby
  3. Nattens helter
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  1. Sitter På En Bombe
  2. Alt bli bra (men når da?)
  3. Gi mæ motorveia
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  1. The Radio Has Expressed Concerns About What You Did Last Night
  2. I Could Be a Real Winner
  3. Taxi Dancing
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  1. Into The Light
  2. A Strange Constellation
  3. Cellophane
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  1. Embrace Me
  2. Chase the Blues
  3. Let's Talk About Love
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