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Song title
  1. Sisyphus cover Sisyphus
  2. Bloodless cover Bloodless
  3. My Finest Work Yet cover Olympians
  4. My Finest Work Yet cover Cracking Codes
  5. Are You Serious cover Truth Lies Low
  6. Are You Serious cover Roma Fade
  7. My Finest Work Yet cover Proxy War
  8. My Finest Work Yet cover Archipelago
  9. My Finest Work Yet cover Don The Struggle
  10. My Finest Work Yet cover Manifest
  11. Break It Yourself cover Give It Away
  12. My Finest Work Yet cover Bellevue Bridge Club
  13. Are You Serious cover Left Handed Kisses
  14. Hands Of Glory cover Three White Horses
  15. Are You Serious cover Capsized
  16. Encore #1

  17. I Want To See Pulaski At Night cover Pulaski at Night

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