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Songs to be played live were released on the following albums:

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How long is the concert? Nightwish will be on stage for approx 2:34. Here is the probable setlist based on previous concerts (99% probability):

Song title
  1. Once cover Dark Chest of Wonders
  2. Once cover Wish I Had an Angel
  3. Over The Hills And Far Away cover 10th Man Down
  4. Wishmaster cover Come Cover Me
  5. Oceanborn cover Gethsemane
  6. Endless Forms Most Beautiful cover Élan
  7. Oceanborn cover Sacrament of Wilderness
  8. Decades cover Dead Boy's Poem
  9. Decades: Live In Buenos Aires cover Elvenjig
  10. Decades cover Elvenpath
  11. Imaginaerum cover I Want My Tears Back
  12. Decades cover The Carpenter
  13. Wishmaster cover The Kinslayer
  14. Decades cover Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean
  15. Once cover Nemo
  16. Century Child cover Slaying the Dreamer
  17. Decades cover The Greatest Show on Earth
  18. Once cover Ghost Love Score

Nightwish Tour Map 2021

Follow Nightwish around the world with this interactive Tour Map. Explore the places where you can catch Nightwish on tour.
44 Upcoming concerts, touring in the following countries: Finland, Russian Federation, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, United States, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Norway, Ireland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, China, etc.

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